• We went out to dinner last week, pretty nice steakhouse... most families can afford this place so it wasn't like Morton's or anything, but still good food...we go there a lot for dinners out. Anyway, I started to look around and pointed out to my far better half "look at the families here..." We looked around, and EVERY family in the place, without exception (9 groups), they were all staring at their phones, and not talking to each other. The only time that ANY conversation erupted was when one person was showing another person next to them, something on their phone. It's pretty stunning - not only how phones have almost eliminated conversation between people, but how parents allow this crap at the table, regardless of the age of the kids!
    • Hulk70156
      The art of conversation is being lost.
    • mushroom
      The school kids sit back to back texting each other. I'm not sure if they even know the definition of "telephone."

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