• Nobody has ever shown a viable reason which supports the suggestion that existence must be for a reason or purpose. Cult people hate that fact, but it's a fact nonetheless.
  • I know plenty that state that, life began for no reason and will end for no reason, hence what you do here matters not in the bigger scheme of things, it's as relevant as an insect mound that you wash away on your driveway. Funny though, not one of these people have any humility, they boast about how smart they are, and how meaningful their life is, when none of it actually matters. How can you claim to be a "free thinker" in a material universe? So it doesn't matter what job you do, it doesn't matter how moral you are, because none of those things have meaning or exist, they are just constructs and indifferences, but no real argument, if a person wants to kill people, meh, it's not because it's evil or wrong, just not accepted in the construct that is currently in vogue. In Rome, they watched people being murdered for entertainment, and paedophiler was accepted it was called man/boy love, in a material universe this would just be considered not in the current vogue today, but it's getting there with all the newspaper articles on child molesters being "born that way," if you can use that argument then how can we blame them of knowingly committing wrong doing, which is great for the VIP paedophile ring. There's a reason communist totalitarian countries have no individualism and religion, because there is no argument for objective morality, no argument to say why certain people's shouldn't be treated a certain way, it eradicates all objective rights. Take for example, if you was the ruling elite, and the population was putting a strain on the world, isn't it logical to eradicate a few of those people? Is this question without reason?

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