• What presidency? Dimwit Trumpf was a fake, stolen election and it ended as all lies do.
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      "Fake election"...How did Trump "steal" the election? Democrats tried to declare a win based on the popular vote - which was artificially high as a result of illegal voting by non-citizen immigrants, bussing illegal voters across state lines, registering dead people to vote, etc. Trump won as a result of the Electoral College - a legal entity that was established by the founding fathers. The Left wanted to get rid of the Electoral College just for that reason - because they couldn't win by cheating. Jumping to the 2020 election, Biden won the vote using the same Electoral College that the Left wanted to abolish after the 2016 election. Why is that? Why did the Left suddenly accept the Electoral College's decision in 2020 when they were against it in 2016? The reason is that they flooded the ballot boxes with illegal votes that tipped the Electoral College's decision in their favor. It doesn't make Biden the real President - it just makes him a cheater.
  • Yes, and I'll approve of his next one, too.
  • The Fat, Orange, Whore-Buying Pig? Glad he got tossed-out on his butt. Too bad that he attacked our US Capitol building, like a crybaby coward. His followers sure seem to get a kick out of being traitors and supporting a traitor, though. You can't expect much from a lowlife who illegally dodged the military, evades paying taxes, buys whores, and is an openly racist White Supremacist.
  • Whatever you're getting paid to post this crap, its too much.
  • Not at all. No one likes a liar or a braggart.
  • Absolutely.

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