• I met an IT named Nil at the bar once and he told me a really sad story. He said he made great money, but that he wasn't happy because he was lonely. So one day, he made himself get out more, and eventually ended up catching the eye of a slightly younger lady named Bri that was really attractive. That he was a good looking IT is what she said attracted her to him. She wanted a smart guy that had his life together because he had a good, steady, well paying career. Nil fit all of that criteria perfectly. However, Nil had a really tight budget and always saved his money for things he needed. Bri hated that. Why? Because Nil wasn't taking care of her immediate wants. She wanted a new car, she wanted Nil to move into a nicer house instead of living out of a small apartment, she wanted a swimming pool, a boat, etc. But Nil said, "Honey. I love you and would do anything in the world for you, but I have to save money to achieve my goals. I also told you this before we started dating and you said it wouldn't be a problem. I'll have my farm on that private island I'm buying by this time next year". Bri said she couldn't wait that long and that she couldn't take it anymore. Nil suggested therapy because he wouldn't change how he was going to spend his money. Instead of talking to Nil about this, Bri dumped Nil, and told him, "Good luck at finding another girlfriend!" Nil let her go, but now he sits on a huge farm that's on a 242 acre private island. Nil is single, but he's happy because he has his fur babies with him and they never give him any drama like Bri did.
  • She said "I don't really like sex" just before she hooked up with someone else. lol

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