• It means he touched your face. If you want to know what he's thinking ask him. He's the only one who knows and if he says he doesn't know or wasn't thinking anything believe him. As a general rule when a boy is affectionate he's as confused as you are. When a man is affectionate he most likely just wants to have sex. NEVER assume a man loves you even if he says it. If you question if he loves you he probably doesn't. And when you think this guy must really love me if he's does (such and such) go look up the red flags of domestic abuse. In my experience I usually get the one or the other.
  • We have no idea, because we don't know the context and we don't know the man. We can't read his mind. Questions like this simply cannot be accurately answered by total strangers.
  • I am betting your suspicion is right, that it was meant as a romantic gesture. Not really any other way to see it. Just romantic, not that he loves you yet.

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