• Because it only counted for 2% of Yahoo traffic and, Verizon followed the money and killed something that was cool.. :( If I was Verizon I would've kept it and slapped more advertisements on it.
  • YA was not making a profit, and therefore Verizon didn't want to put time, effort, and money into it. As a result, it was not being moderated, so it had become overrun with trolls, and a troll swamp was something with which Verizon decided it didn't want to be associated. It actually lasted much longer than the average online site -- over twice as long -- and it will be missed, because other Q&A sites are quite different and don't allow for the lively conversations and exchanges YA did. But as the troll swamp it had become, it needed to go.
  • Verizon joined the other cancel culture medias. first they drove away most of the conservative members by not allowing them to comment on the lying liberal stories Yahoo put up as "news" stories. it got pretty contentious but that's what free speech is all about. once most of the members left, Yahoo decided there weren't enough members to sustain the site for their advertisers. so then they removed "Answers" from the list of categories. we had to google YA! and then make the homepage a "favorite". Noticing a pattern yet? then 6 months later they told us they were eliminating "Answers" from the Yahoo website. Verizon's liberal/socialist overlords should be proud. 😕
    • Victorine
      Entirely untrue. But typical rationalization and excuse-making.
    • OrangeDonRump
      Wow, Charin, you really are stuck on stupid! LOL!!

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