• There's a site called google that can provide more answers. You should google google for more information.
    • Jan Pôbiš
      Wow, thank you, I never thought about that before ! thank you for nothing
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      Sorry if I came off rude. I was trying to be funny. Yellow pages is always localized, so I'm not at all sure what you mean. If you are looking for a specific sort of company's contact information, it'd be helpful to let anyone trying to help you know. For example, if I wanted to find all businesses in Riga, Latvia, I just googled "top businesses in Riga Latvia" and this is the first hit that came up: Each of the company's websites can be accessed by a couple of clicks of the mouse from there. So, not to be a jerk, but everything I said answers your question as it was written. Perhaps a better specificity of your question would result in better specificity of your answer.
    • Jan Pôbiš
      Hi, sorry for being butthurt too :D I was asking if local people already know this kind of yellow pages and give me a hint- for example, for spain i found paginasamarillas - yellow pages. In Czechia we don't use yellow pages, we have specific website for that - firmy (companies in English) - but finding those pages is hard for me because they are localized and I don't know these languages (so i don't know what to look for - using google translate works too, but i wanted to ask directly :) )

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