• Honestly, no. The miner will depreciate in value faster than it will be able to mine bitcoin, most likely. If you really know what you are doing, you could try, but even then, it's a risk.
  • Only if . . . A - You live in a region with VERY low electrical costs. . . . B - You have a 240 connector available (most of them require a 240 V plug that, in the U.S., is not standard in residences). . . . . C - You can afford more than one. I recommend at least four. Why: short warranty and questionable reliability. . . . . I've done the research. Even where I live, which has one of the least-expensive electricity costs in the U.S., it's a poor bet to invest in a bitcoin miner...especially ONE bitcoin miner, which might very well not last a whole year.

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