• Walmart? It's a company policy there. No one knows why, it's just programmed into the registers that way, even though it's perfectly legal for a 2 year old to buy duct tape.
  • I've bought duct tape there and didn't get ID'd. But I did find this: "As cashiers, we're prompted to check ID/verify age for certain things, outside of alcohol and cigs. Namely, off the top of my head: Nicotine patches/related items, knives from SG, sharpening stones, ammo, BB guns, can openers that have knives attached, M-rated games, R-rated movies, Parental Advisory CDs, compressed air, Robitussin, Mucinex, cold medicine with significant alcohol content, Sudafed and basically any medicine you can make meth with." I can understand those, but duct tape?
    • AskingForaFriend
      I know, right?
    • Linda Joy
      I remember hearing on a few cop shows that they caught a killer who used duct tape to bind his victims. Maybe that's it?
  • I think it's more to protect minors, now that Walmart is aware of the TikTok challenge using duct tape. The challenge involves teens wrapping someone up in duct tape, which is quite dangerous.

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