• According to this list its Misty and Clint:
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      I didn't know about "Misty." I think the people who wrote that article made a minor mistake in the data handling, but it might be inconsequential. Any year the Social Security administration recorded less than 100 babies, it seems they added zero instead of the actual number. Might have been a database filter that didn't belong. By my reckoning, the rate went from 538/year from 1980-1999 (the site reported 574 for some reason, close enough, probably) to 60/year from 2000-2018 (the site reported 8.8, which is accurate if they only included the data from one year instead of the entire span), using the same data. I'll email the editor, but, since the article is older, they probably will never get back to me.
    • Linda Joy
      Its just so sad sometimes the way you always have to be right all the time! It also reminds me of that Netflix show about the internet giving people different information based on their preferences. Social Dilema, I think was the name of it. Have you seen it?

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