• If I had to choose just one, probably the microwave. If I already had most of the standard kitchen gear, probably a food processor.
    • Linda Joy
      I'd have trouble choosing just one as well.
    • Linda Joy
      I had to bring in extra shelves for my kitchen gadgets when my grandson lived with me. The microwave is a great invention! I remember when we first got one. I was 12. Lots of great inventions since then...
  • I like the OXO Good Grips Salad Spinner for there quality and ease of operation.
    • Linda Joy
      You can spin a salad in a towel inside a plastic grocery bag.
    • Linda Joy
      Or just sprinkle in a little ground flax seed.
  •,f_auto,g_center,pg_1,q_60,w_965/d9tiyw9ljy3i7tdwkipb.jpg I might add something about spear fishing.
    • Linda Joy
      I know they're Honeymooners, but don't remember their names.
    • mushroom
      Jackie Gleason and Art Carney as Ralph and Ed. I'm the chef of the future!
  • I use my Kettle the most , so I would say the kettle .
  • The bottle opener.
  • Hmmm..."gadget" is such a loose term. Doing my best...I like my garlic press a lot (I got a good one)...but maybe I don't use it enough to qualify it as "best"? My whisk (which has an odd shape that works great) and my biscuit dough cutter (which is a BIG help making great biscuits) are used even less. I love my Tupperware gravy mixer. This thing is GREAT - and not only for mixing the components of homemade gravy. I use it most often when mixing the (non-heated) wet and dry components of a roux, which is something that appears in a LOT of recipes that I use. It's a very simple "device" that performs almost flawlessly. (Only problem - sometimes it takes a thin, flexible spatula to get the last "granules" of the roux components out of the tumbler-shaped container.) But probably the thing I use most - that makes life so very much simpler - is my (large size) Fasta Pasta. Cooks pasta (up to 16 oz) in the microwave, probably in about half the time it takes to boil water in a pot and then cook pasta. No "watching the pot" OR stirring needed. The thing has a colander/strainer built in to the lid, so draining the pasta (from the light-weight plastic container) is MUCH easier than the typical heavy metal pot + colander in the sink method. It has side handles so you don't burn your fingers when taking it out of the microwave and when draining. Also extremely easy to clean (I hand wash). It's just a huge convenience and time-saver for frequent pasta eaters. Someone spent quite a bit of time "perfecting" this simple device. Note that the "regular size" Fasta Pasta cooks only up to 8 oz of pasta.
  • 4 sided grater.
  • silicon tipped tongs
  • Its my blender.

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