• Linda Joy
      Good to see you back!
  • Jesus
    • Linda Joy
      He gives everyone their just reward without us ever having to get our hands or minds dirty. I've seen it over and over when I let it go.
    • OrangeDonRump
      Rick makes a great point - how people love to use their cult beliefs as a weapon.
  • My sharp tongue!
    • Linda Joy
      That's a two edged sword! It cuts both ways!
    • Professor Yaffle
      It's probably got me out of more trouble than it's got me into!
    • Linda Joy
      So you're also lucky! lol
  • WristRocket slingshot for long distance. Bamboo walking stick for up close and personal attitude adjustments. Fei Biao for inbetween.
    • Linda Joy
      I saw on an old episode of Criminal Minds that inside 21 feet a knife will beat a gun. I like the idea of a walking stick at this point in my life. It gives the illusion of crippled and weak. Lets not forget the power of a disguise as a weapon.
    • Franco333
      Doubt it. The effective range of a knife (hand-to-hand) is the length of the arm plus length of the knife), and for throwing...about fifteen feet. The 'stockmans cane' made of hickory (, & martial arts cane made of bamboo or rattan are very effective with minimal training. See the I Cane Do videos ( for basics.
  • My hands and feet if necessary for self defence
    • Linda Joy
      That's good for one who is young and agile, but injuries... broken bones, the resultant arthritis and age impose limits on this weapon. But I'm sure a prepared man such as yourself has a backup, right?
    • Franco333
      Bear Spray, Red Sand or Blinding Sand are other options.
    • Shadow
      Linda Joy, if I need a backup I will ask a friend or relative for help if necessary

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