• I would say the Treadmill
  • Sometimes just getting my fat ass to the bathroom in time is a cardio workout in itself! HAHAHAHA! Getting dressed is another. Going to my medical appointments is a half marathon and three appointments in a row is a full marathon! I have to use my puffer, just to pack my groceries at Aldi and even then people act like I must look like I'm about to keel over the way they keep offering to help me. I used to lift 80lb drums of hydraulic fluid! And never ending boxes of paper that weighed over 50lb each. I told them once I didn't have to lift anything over 50 lbs by myself and he told me to open it, and take half at a time! hahaha! I just carried them and suffered for it. That's when I was working in supply. At least they had the crane lift the pallets so we didn't have to carry everything up the gangplank! They called for a working party (not nearly as fun as it sounds!) to move the soda down the ladders. Sylvia was one rung up on the ladder from me and she actually dropped a case of soda on my chest once! We were in the first part of boot camp together, till she got set back, but she caught up to me after graduation when I had to wait for an apprenticeship class to form we both went to seaman apprenticeship training together and then we both went to the same ship - USS SIMON LAKE.
  • elliptical

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