• Well I'm concerned about how much I give Fast Food, we spent this month like $19.52 several times this month so far on Fast Food
    • Linda Joy
      That's why I don't eat out. I'm too cheap. I can take a bag lunch and skip all the hassle as well. But I stay home most of the time so I don't have to worry about it every day like some do. But when I managed a Subway and they give you a free sandwich for every shift and you're putting in 70 some hours a week you're gonna get tired of those sandwiches!
    • Carol Camp
      I can't refuse stopping by the fast frood place. I know it's unhealthy and I ususally spend too much on fast food - around $150 a month
  • A whole lot less than that.
  • Since I never eat fast food, I spend decidedly less.
  • I rarely patronize fast food restaurants (two visits to MacDonald's during the past 20 years). As such, I spend very little money for fast food.
  • I am way lower than that for it. Probably 4 to 500 per year for me.
  • I might have a take-a-way pizza a couple of times a year, (usually watching sport on TV with friends) & very occasionally go to the chippy, so probably not much more than £50 (about $70) a year. $17.33 is about £12, which would be one large deep pan pizza with extra toppings a week or an ordinary medium pizza & a couple of bags of chips. Balance people like me against people who have a McD's or a KFC etc. every day $900 a year sounds quite feasible and slightly worrying!
  • well the fish and chips is close to $30 for a one night night meal ..hope your chemo is working well for you sorry you are ill
    • Linda Joy
      How many people are you feeding? I'm done with chemo, thanks for asking! I had my last infusion on Aug. 5th! I was bragging to my friend who wanted to take me out to celebrate that I had "no more appointments till Sept." Then darned if my primary care didn't call to schedule an appointment for next week!! That almost always happens when I brag about something!
  • Oh much less. We usually only buy the fried or roast chickens in the super market delis when they are on sale. No other fast foods unless it's a "fix" for visiting great grandkids.
    • Linda Joy
      You have great grands?! How AWESOME is that?!!
    • dalcocono
      I do. I have 4 of them ranging in age from 11 years down to 7 mos. All girls so far. It is pretty awesome. I never thought I'd live long enough to have gr. grandkids in my life.
  • That's approx 150 Fast Food meals a year. That means 12 meals a month or three a week. That seems about right.😎😏😑😖
  • I rarely eat fast food so much less spent.

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