• Can I answer if I'm not a nice person, but I ask nicely if I can answer? Please? The leader board has been the same person plus a revolving door of random users for years now. I guess that's just more evidence that the site has gone stagnant. It's incredible that this site used to get a new question posted every couple seconds, and now it's a busy day if you see more than twenty new questions over a 24 hour period. Maybe the biggest part of that is that the format of a Q&A site, in general, is no longer in any sort of fashion. Everyone just jumps on facebook or instagram or snapchat or whatever people use these days, so there is no use for an old format such as this.
    • Queen Chelsea
      I think it's just this site maybe you should try another there are some very popular sites like Similar Worlds which is a spin off of Experience Project no shortage of users or questions there

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