• We have one. Its called social security. How would this be different? And would it be funded by PRIVATE DONATIONS, TAX DOLLARS, or PROFIT? No one should vote for anything until they know how it will work. Did you put any effort into figuring out how money works? Because judging by your previous posts and this one you have no idea what social programs are already in place much less how they work and you most likely have put a total of ZERO THOUGHT into how to make it work! If so you haven't shown it here. You'll also have to work on your English, or partner with someone better at English if you want to convince those who speak English to take part, or they're going to think you're just another foreigner trying to scam them. And if you rely on the socialist premise that's exactly what you are doing... trying to scam someone into giving you money. If you want to start a nonprofit do it! Anyone can who wants to learn how.

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