• I don't know why they do, but I do complain about these women who always leave the seat down😈
  • It's a sign that men are lazy and inconsiderate. We prefer them to be the opposite of that.
    • Qagidi
      Ah-huh, Bootsie, but just think of the guys who lift the seat, they are ssoo conscientious, kind and considerate not to pee on it. They leave you a nice clean seat to put down and use. Just think, the next guy may not be like they so if the seat is down, they'll casually pee all over it. You see, we are being all you want. lol
    • Charin Cross
      If lazy men just put the seat down, the next person can just lift it. when you go into a hotel, the seat is down when you go into the room. it just looks nicer too.
  • Shortly after going through relationship breakdown I asked this much older man "what makes women happy" thinking this older dude would have some wisdom on these matter, he looked at me and in a split second came out with "when you're unhappy" and looked away. This is just another case of keeping us unhappy.
    • Linda Joy
      YOUR happiness is YOUR responsibility.
  • some woman may ..i never ever told hubby to put the seat down ,but seeing thats how a toilet is with a lid, he always puts it down which is nice and it looks nicer also with lid down
  • when the seat is up, it's unsanitary because the mist from the water with the fecal matter and urine dissipates into the air. it gets on your toothbrushes so you're brushing fecal matter into your mouth. (this was an Inside Edition story and they found E. coli on the toothbrushes). Besides a closed toilet lid looks much better aesthetically.
  • Try sitting without that seat for yourself. There is nothing wrong with men sitting to pee.
  • Yeah I don't understand that either me I just reach over and drop the lid and do my business
  • Because they don't look before they sit down
  • They don't look before sitting down and sit on the porcelain.
  • Get your own toilet and you can do with it whatever you want!
  • It's comparable to women who leave the driver's seat pulled all the way forward. At least, with the toilet seat, they're still able to use the facilities. A guy has considerable difficulty getting behind the wheel to push the seat back.
    • Linda Joy
      I never thought about that. My ex never said anything. I think he put it back before trying to get in.
    • 1465
      Maybe that's why he's now your "ex" - LOL. More often than not, they just push the seat back to avoid a nasty confrontation. The last one to drive the car should be considerate and put the seat back the way they found it. You can't stop a dog from peeing on the floor unless you teach it to go outside.

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