• When I called 911 when my Cousin was having a miscarriage , I ask for Washington County 911 and they transferred me ..They knew right away to help me anytime you call a County outside of your calling area can delay emergency getting to you
  • I'm pretty sure we pay a tax specifically for the purpose of emergency reverse lookup. Don't we? In any case I've never had to specify. Then again I don't live in the boondocks anymore. And I'm not usually the one that calls 911. I've always been conscious so far and just tell them to take me to the VA hospital if I have to go. And since the EMT's come to this apartment complex about once a month I'm not concerned they won't find the place. People in the boondocks need to learn first aid. And keep an emergency kit. A good one with plastic wrap for a sucking chest wound. And learn how to do an emergency cricothyroidotomy.

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