• I think the players, who are so self-important, that want to protest and walk off the court/field in the name of some social justice issue, should be replaced. There are plenty of players who are willing to fill in for LeBron if he wants to give up his position to protest. People pay to see sports, not the professional players' protest speeches.
  • YES!!!
  • Maybe it depends on which countries you have lived in and your definition of 'social protesters'. To me, it is sick that social protesters continuously infiltrate all aspects of our lives their leaders spending their time contriving what they can whinge about and destroy next. As far as being peaceful, it depends which country you're looking at.
  • I don't really care that much about professional sports. The players have been unreasonable for years now. You pay someone millions of dollars to do something most people do for fun and you are not going to see the best of human behaviour. I'd rather watch university or even high school sports than major league. Anyway, I don't see professional sports going away any time soon, because it's still a hundred billion dollar industry. If the team owners get fed up with the players, they might try to replace them, and then I guess we'll see. Maybe the fans will side with the players or maybe they will side with the owners, or maybe there will be a divisive split. My bet is on division, since that seems to be the trend lately with everything else.
  • No. They have a large viewing audience and they use the platform to protest. WTG!
  • Screw all sports people they produce nothing kick that ball up and down the paddock all day what have you done to make the world a better place, you've made nothing. I think most sports people are sell outs think Michael Jordan don't worry about the poor slaves that make nike.
  • There should be more of a separation of sports and politics than that of church and state.
  • There should be the same separation of sports and politics as there is church and state.

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