• Haha, I think voice input is only suitable for alone time, otherwise I will feel embarrassed. Now the keyboard and mouse are the mainstay. In addition to the keyboard and mouse, I also have a WD hard drive and a Larnt docking station.
  • Qwerty/qwertz keyboard along with a mouse. ... I've tried different keyboard layouts and cI can't get used to them. I've tried various trackballs and pointing sticks and they have their specific advantages, but I feel that the mouse is popular for good reason.
  • I like this one specific $12 keyboard that has a loud satisfying click to the buttons. And I prefer an ergonomic blue trackball mouse. A thumb controlled trackball that sends the cursor across 2 screens with one flick. I rotate between two offices during my work week and I have both setup like this. I also must have Pilot Precise V5 pens for writing... And everything lined up straight😆
    • Linda Joy
      I spilled on my laptop and it died. I ordered a refurbished desktop online and had it delivered. I like this keyboard better. No loud clicks! Its too wide for the workspace though. Can you believe I use a pen so infrequently I can never find one!? I used to buy several packs every school year when I was waiting tables. Now I use one about once a year!
    • AskingForaFriend
      Haha, yeah I can believe that!
  • Duplicate. Because I’m not on my setup haha
  • Keyboard and mouse, as you. I've not tried text-to-speech except on my phone where typing is difficult,. I'm sure typing is MUCH faster. Laptop keyboards are notoriously poor...except for certain brands/models. As I do so much typing, I made sure my laptop was one of those with a half-way decent keyboard. That was the most important consideration for me (other than price) when purchasing a laptop. I'd like to see a full-keyboard laptop... For Better-Than-A-Mouse, consider the Rollermouse. Perfect for a programmer...or for anyone else who is vexed by the need to repeatedly move hand away from keyboard (where you most want your hands to be) to mouse. The cost is...more than enough to make you think twice, or thrice.
  • What is the best input device? Keyboard. Keyboard is the most common and very popular input device which helps to input data to the computer. ... Mouse. Mouse is the most popular pointing device. ... Joystick. Joystick is also a pointing device, which is used to move the cursor position on a monitor screen. ... Light Pen. ... Track Ball. ... Scanner. ... Digitizer. ... Microphone.

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