• Great singer yes! Acting, no
  • Not bad. Better than many we have today.
  • He was better than I thought he would be.
  • i liked him in jailhouse rock.
  • yes in some of his movies ..
  • he was very cute and a sex symbol. his acting was believable enough.
  • The movies he did were Terrible because his advisor, Col Tom Parker was telling him he had no talent. They were basically a formula of 'music and girls' and were intended to sell his records and keep him relevant in the 1960's. Nobody thought they would make 80m dollars! Nobody took them seriously, even today. This is why he turned down "A Star is Born" with Barbara Streisand. Chris Christopherson did it instead but the part was made for Elvis. Later Elvis discovered Parker was stealing from him and fired him. However this wasn't until the end of his career and he was no longer making movies.
  • he was made to act how he did .. watch Charro! movie from (1969) ..a cowboy movie, he acted fantastic in that .... ya know he was made to curl his lip up also, he said something to that effect
  • no he was crap just like the crap movies he was in. All of them are total rubbish.

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