• Often low pressure is confused with low flow. Sometimes the pressure is adequate but water cannot travel from source to destination as fast as it is being demanded. A simple solution that I have used for many of my customers is to install a pressure tank typically used on a water well system on the cold water side of your hot water heater. This allows for a more even flow and allows pressure to equalize easier in undersized or stopped up plumbing. This technique is extremely useful in a situation where filters or water softners are present as it allows water to pass through the obstruction when water is not being demanded and be ready for use when needed. Example....someone taking a shower in one part of the house and flushing a toilet in another. That momentarily extra demand is compensated by the tank and the person in the shower does not even notice.
    • Linda Joy
      You sounded really smart until you said "hot" water heater. Its a water heater. If the water were hot it wouldn't need heated. If anything its a cold water heater. But water heater will do.
    • WaterMaster
      Believe it or not, water heaters are actually used in certain rural areas to cool the water down. Water is pumped from as deep as 2500 ft and comes out of the ground extremely hot. Water heaters are used to give the water a chance to cool down before use. The main point was to ensure that the pressure tank was installed on the cooler line. While this is a common occurrence in several of the small towns in my area, it is easy to forget how crazy that sounds. I came upon this exact situation last week and had to go over the merits of this technique with someone in one of these backwards towns.

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