• Yeah! I'm tracking what these clowns do
  • Of course. No sympathies for the nutjobs who don't want to protect the nation's health. Enough have become have become sick and died!
    • Linda Joy
      The nation's health also includes the economy. Some MAY get sick and A VERY FEW of those might possibly die, but no more than regular flu or measles. The economy, on the other hand will die a long slow death if these power hungry politicians don't open the country back up! What do you do for a living NYNY? Has your money been completely stopped? Think about that. If your money comes from the government in any way how long do you think that will last if the country doesn't go back to collecting taxes? How long do you think they will be able to keep hospitals open or police and firemen funded or roads repaired if they don't collect those tax dollars? The nutjobs are the ones who are too stupid to see that we have shut down the economy for nothing more than a regular flu season! WHAT IDIOTS!!
    • bostjan64
      Linda, I know you don't listen to reason once you've made up your mind about something, but the worst flu season in recent years killed only a confirmed 16k people (source: ). I've mentioned at least a couple of times before how the number often quoted is nothing like the covid number that people are using for comparison, which is now, which is now 71k. Even if you compared the confirmed Covid-19 death count to the upper estimate of the worst count of flu deaths in a recent year, you are still looking at thousands more deaths in one third of the time frame. Everything else I agree. Even if this was killing a million people a day, we'd still starve if we didn't figure something out to allow people to interact with each other safely. So, I don't think the points you keep using that I object to affect your overall points.
  • Yep. My governor is an imbecile.

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