• I love dance music, R&B, Madonna and Whitney Houston.
  • I love music, in general. I love Beethoven, Django Reinhardt, Stevie Wonder, Dream Theater, and Estradasphere, as well as tons of other musical acts.
    • Bootsiebaby
      Stevie Wonder is great.
    • Annie_Yazbeck
  • True praise and worship, that would be gospel of the born again.’In Christ Alone’’ is my favorite song,,, “fullness of God in helpless babe”
  • I love Hip Hop music, Blues, Country music, as well as Soul music. I find my favorite music on the Apple Music streaming service. Listen to my favorite music genres on my MP3 players with the help of DRmare Apple Music Converter when sleeping, running, working.
  • Independent fundamental Baptists singing gospel hymns
  • Classic rock from the 60s and 70s.
    • bostjan64
      Do you like Focus? I'm not sure if they are really considered classic rock, but they were on a lot of 70's classic rock compilations.
  • I love most any music genre except military marching music. My utmost favorite music genre is the blues
  • 90s dance music like house and techno.
    • bostjan64
      Those songs all have drums that sound like: boot, cat, boot, cat, boots, cats, boots, cats, boots 'n' cats 'n' boots 'n' cats... throw in a Roland Synthesizer playing a simple three-or-four note melody and a singer to repeatedly ask a question (e.g. "What is love?", "Do you think you're better off alone?", etc.) or nonsense (e.g. "I'm blue dabba dee dabba die dabba dee dabba die...", "Maya hee maya hah..." etc.), and you have every 90's electronic dance trance house song.

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