• Pretty much any crime that leads to the death of another person can be punishable by death. More surprisingly, repeated drug possession, as well as smuggling, are punishable by death. There are also documented cases of people receiving the death penalty for offering or accepting bribes.
    • mushroom
      The 2008 China tainted milk scandal resulted in two executions and several others imprisoned. Six children died and many thousands were sickened.
  • They're communist. They can kill you for any reason they want.
  • Robbery, embezzlement, flooding & arson, treason. The normal stuff. But, people have been known to just disappear also. Simpler that way. No paperwork.
  • More people are killed by judicial execution in China than in the rest of the world combined. The Chinese government makes exactly zero of those statistics publicly available, but human rights groups are able to estimate based off of newspaper stories covering specific cases.

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