• I would be more likely to buy a fusion vehicle just because I like having a backup in case I can't plug up on a long trip. But I haven't done much research because I don't have the money to buy one. I think the smart cars are cute, but have no idea if they're any good.
  • I've taken the plunge on a modified Ford Focus myself. I will never want to go back. There are issues with it for sure, but saving $6-8 per week on energy versus my previous vehicle is a huge bonus. My biggest concern is range. These companies seem to always advertise 250+ miles per charge, and I don't see that as realistic just yet. There are also concerns about battery life. I've seen the battery life on my vehicle degrade to the point where it is noticeably weaker every year. If they advertise, say 260 miles of range new, but it's really only 240 straight off the lot, and then loses 8% per year, then, even after only 5 years, you'll be down around 158 miles/charge, and sometime shortly after 10 years, down to 100 miles/charge. That'd be a problem.
  • No, I'm not into low horsepower vehicles. 270 HP and up is my limit.
    • Roaring
      how about a new Tesla Model Y performance 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds
    • Jenny Rizzo is brilliant ⭐
      I'll have to test drive it.
  • Nope. But I did just buy a Dodge Ram 1500. 5.7L Hemi.
    • Gordan
      Uncle is a huge diesel guy and doesn't like the fancy tech of the newest cars, especially the EV's.
    • Archie Bunker
      Hate the diesel trucks.
  • I already had Nissan Leaf for almost a year. It is pretty cool but more like a second car. If it is the only one in the family is not very convenient. One of the problems is the size and space inside. The other problem is the low range which I hope will get better with the new models coming up.
  • not until most gas stations have charging stations
    • Roaring
      A new Wawa in my town has Tesla superchargers.
    • Linda Joy
      Do they use petrol fueled generators like most charging stations?
  • A used one; the cost of new cars is so beyond most markets, it really is stupid.
  • No, my vehicle is all paid for and I don't want to have to take on another payment.
  • I'm ready! But my wallet isn't... I'm in love with my friend's Tesla though

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