• What would be the motive for filming?
  • Probably! I would, if not just to prove or disprove any accusations these days! Everyone wants to sue over everything and it doesn't even matter if it happens or not accusations are enough to ruin a life or a business! Its pathetic! But on the plus side the people in charge might be better able to spot potential for good or bad by watching from a distance afterward because you can miss a lot when you are in the middle of things. They can also learn how to present or conduct the meeting better next time by seeing flaws in themselves or their presentation on the replay. If you're feeling a little paranoid don't bother going elsewhere, they have eyes everywhere!
  • State privacy laws vary, but in general, an employer can film working areas but not private areas such as bathrooms and locker rooms. Office phones can also be recorded.
  • Most of us have had to close our workplaces because of this coronavirus.

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