• If you're 18, you can go by yourself. You don't need them there.
    • Josepsh
      Get a higher dose of psy meds i cant drive a car
    • mushroom
      Call the doctor and explain your situation.
    • bostjan64
      Can you walk there? Do you have a telephone? Is there a bus?
    • Josepsh
      Ok ?. .
    • mugwort
      Some health insurance firms include transportation. Is there public transportation to the dr. office? Can you call Uber, Lyft, a cab?
  • I saw you can't drive, either. I agree with mushroom. Call your psychiatrist and explain the situation. Don't resist inpatient treatment. Sometimes they have to watch you when increasing or changing meds. And if you need transportation because you are an adult now, they may have a program for that. Do you have access to a public transportation system? Are you disabled? Do you work?
  • You are an adult. Go yourself.

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