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  • mmm the best blow job i ever gave was to my boyfriend's friend in his Jacuzzi , when my boyfriend went inside to prepare dinner his friend and i were alone in the Jacuzzi , as the warm bubbles were coming up they went into the underneath part of my bikini and started to fold out a little exposing my dark brown nipples , he was getting very exited and i couldn't help noticing he was getting a bulge going under the water. in his trunks , soon i gently placed my hand under his trunks and started messaging his hard erection. . As i lead his face toward my now exposed large breast to him he soon was sucking on my now enlarged nipples. . After a short time i went under the water to pull down his trunks and starting to give him the best blow job he ever had.
  • I have given many.
  • Hands down, the best blowjob I ever gave was to a drop-dead gorgeous black transsexual in Indianapolis a couple years ago. Her body was incredible, she was super-model beautiful and going down on her was a dream. What put it over the top was she shot such a huge load I could barely keep it in my mouth. I thought she'd never stop cumming--and didn't want her to.

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