• I hate giving you a short answer, but I don't give a crap.
    • Linda Joy
      Works for me! haha.
  • Better yet, what percentage of the world gives a damn. Only gay people care if they're gay. Not sure why you gotta celebrate it, dude. No one gives a shit.
    • Linda Joy
      The question about rule by the few got me started thinking about how so many minorities these days are trying to make everyone bend to their will, and how they are so disproportionately on tv trying to make it seem like there are more of them or that their issues are so much more important than real threats. So I looked it up and when I realized it was only 4.5% here in America I realized how disproportionate that was! It was just another passing thought. Maybe I should just give up on this site and let the questions sit there for days instead of trying.
    • Archie Bunker
      There is a race now to see who is the most victimized and oppressed. Because there might be one transgender student in a school, the school is forced to make the girls suffer with a boys being allowed in the bathrooms now. Truly sad how society's values have shifted.

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