• not sure, you could try goggling it
    • bostjan64
      Why goggles, though, and not any other form of eyewear, such as spectacles or contact lenses?
    • pearllederman
      i rneant goggling it on the net
    • bostjan64
      Like painting your wall yourself? I think I get it now. You wear goggles in order to protect your eyes from the paint spatter and you can use a net as a sort of stencil over the wall to make a striped pattern when you paint on the net against the wall. That's brilliant! I still think that standard safety glasses with side shields would work as well as goggles, in case the goggles are uncomfortable.
  • Painters like wall painters or like art painters? Wall painters would depend on location. Art painters don't usually get unpopular once they're popular, so it'd be the same ones who are popular in 2019, like Bob Ross, Rembrandt, Picasso, Dali, Warhol, etc. Personally, I prefer to buy art from local artists. I do this because 1. I'm not a billionaire and 2. those artists are often very good and need the money to not starve.

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