• Allow a few cycles of discharge and charge. Often new batteries need some exercising to then give you their full range. Its also possible your charging circuit lacks the current to fully charge. After checking off these possibilities it is then possible you have defective battery pack.
  • I have an ASUS as well. I just checked my battery and its at 98% plugged in and not charging. But I usually leave mine plugged in. Once a month I completely drain it and fully charge it. This helps the battery recognize its full potential. From what I've read you should regularly keep the battery between 20 and 80%. Only using its full range once a month. This helps the battery last longer. I've had my ASUS over a year now and the only problem I've encountered is the wifi card constantly dropping my internet connection. But if I plug up to broadband it works just fine. And recently its been working well on wifi. I haven't investigated your issue. But I did mine and found that this is a common problem with ASUS.(my model anyway) One thing I'm sure would be a factor is how often you use it on battery power alone and how many times you've charged and drained the battery. Also you said my new battery but then asked is it original or faulty. Now I'm confused. Is this the (original) battery that came with the computer or a new one? How long have you been using it?

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