• Outside of Fox news most stations attempt to deliver the news as accurately as they can. Fox news has been caught many times of showing things like riots from foreign countries and claiming it was a group of Democrats. Other stations may have some preferences but they make an effort. Calling everything you don't like Fake News while there appears to be reasonable proof otherwise just means you have fake intelligence.
    • Anonymous
      Umm, I find Cnn somewhat bias & think it is probably CNN's style to be. Fox I listen to sometimes: SKY is not diverse enough & tell the news "half-baked".... thanx OC Joe.
  • i dont think they would give us fake news here
    • dumdum
      Who is the "they" that you don't think would give us fake news here. News is like any purchase, "buyer beware. " I believe most trust in the sources that report with a bias that they already believe -- confirmation bias. Often the best sources to me are the ones that present facets that I don't necessarily agree with and would not consider on my own. Question not only the truth of what we are being told -- question your own certainty. I listen to NPR, PBS and often Sunday morning talk shows. Through out the week I may read four or five different papers on a Kindle. Watch network news / 24 hour news stations seldom. Talk radio close to never. To many "fake news" often means they don't believe it and don't want to hear it.
  • Not fake news, but bias news

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