• My parents had a group of friends with whom they did things regularly...almost always including all the kids. My favorite was during the summer we'd all meet in Laguna Beach early morning..the grownups would bring food for breakfast, lunch and dinner...we'd do the barbecue thing..we kids would be free to frolic about, always under the watchful eye of several designated parents whose job it was to make sure we were o.k. It was so much fun. :)
  • with my dad it would be listening to him telling me stories of when he was younger and about my grandma because i never got the chance to meet her. my mum was ill from me being really little so it would be when i used to stay in and we would watch a film together and just enjoy spending time together
  • I use to sit in a baby seat on my fathers bike while he road down the streets I don't remember what we were doing it was just for fun but the ride is what I remember. Probably the oldest memory I have as well. - Another time is when I was helping my mother make the traditional Christmas sugar Cookies. I was always finding creative ideas on why I would get to eat the dough that was left over after each rolling and cutting. - Those are just two I have quite a few. It was a good childhood I had (not that I did not have bad moments) but the good memories are the ones that I keep.
  • My Mom was an amazing person. She always looked for ways to make us smile and make our childhood one to remember. There was this one time at our old house way out in the country when a few of my family members were staying with us. My mom tried to get my aunt to taste something. She didnt wanna taste it so my mom held it up to her face and said No taste it! My aunt pushed it away from her face and got it all over my mom. Mom got up, grabbed the closest thing she could get her hands on which happened to be a glas of ice water and poured it on my aunt. Next thing I remamber we are all tossing around whatever we can find and putting in on everyone. We had just finished eating dinner so leftovers went into people's hair. My mom got Hotsauce shoved up her nose. I had bbq in mine. My sis had sourcream all over her. Someone had grabbed the gallon of milk out of the fridge and dumped it all over my sister and my cousin. It was crazy! But it gets better.. my dad was working for the milk truck company and parks his 18 wheeler at the house at night. You can hear him when he pulls onto the dirt road. We had 5 minute to clean the entire house up b4 he got home. Somehow we managed to make it. My cousin ran to the bathroom and slipped on the half inch pile of liquids and busted her ass. I jumped in the shower. Everyone was cleaning up with whatever we could find. Dad walks in and we are all out of breath trying to act normal. He goes to heat his plate up that was in the microwave and ask's where the sourcream was and we all burst out laughing. He knew about our food fights and never said a word to us about them. That to me is a perfect memory. I had the coolest Mom. Couldnt of asked for one better.
  • our every week-end fishing trips, i still remember them fondly since i just live a mile from that same river.
  • I got my love of auctions from them. It is one of my only good memories.
  • My mom and I are huge fans of summer. We pretty much hated winter. We lived in Indiana so it snowed and rained like crazy. So one winter we were all like depressed ( not literally) because we just did not like winter. So my mom brought a baby pool into the kitchen, water balloons, and squirt guns. I was like 5 and my brother was 3. We had a huge water balloon and squirt gun fight. and we sat in the pool acting like it was summer with sun glasses and everything on. It was such a fun night, that will always be in my heart and mind.
  • I was very blessed to have great parents. My mother was a stay at home mom who did girl scouts, 4H, dance and tumbling with us (4 girls in the family)my dad worked often and long hours but every wednesday night he would take us out for ice cream.
  • Hm. This question has really made me think. I love my mom, she was great, but I can't think of one single memory of her doing anything WITH me. I have fond memories of stuff I did with my brother, sister, grandmother, cousins. None of my dad, and none of my mom. I know there were probably things I can't think of right now, but as I search my memory nothing is coming to mind.
  • going to the baseball games on bat night, cap night, shirt night, etc...we went to them all. going on vacation...roadtrips! my mom teaching me to sew and my dad teaching me to change the oil on my first car. my mom teaching me to make chicken and dumplings...and playing hot box with my dad and dad having to take my first fish off the hook for me...going to six flags as a family, alot! i thought it was so cool that my parents would ride all the rides with us. i loved seeing them have so much fun
  • I loved my parents, and they were great - but as a kid - or really any other time in my life - I hated (or at least chafed against) doing any sort of activity with them - possibly because the age difference was significantly greater than with most parents (mom was 35 years older than I was, and Dad was 41 years older) and they were anything but Athletic or adventuresome. "Doing things" with them was typically dull or burdensome. They were like massive loadstones around my neck. However, they did know how to socialize and converse. Dining out with them was almost always a pleasure and a treat. Going to see live theater with them could be especially wonderful.

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