• Are you Jewish?
    • AskingForaFriend
      I'm not Jewish. I used to assist with circumcisions as part of my job. Noticed that when couples disagreed on this subject it was almost always the woman against it and the man for it
    • Rick Myres
      OK thank you I was just wondering.
  • This rather lengthy article gives plenty of reasons. It made me weep.
    • mushroom
      The Mayo Clinic and other respected sources do not ascribe any risks for properly administered male circumcision except the possibility of bleeding or infection. Now, female "circumcision" is mutilation intended to control women's bodies.
    • Linda Joy
      I did question some of the things in this article mostly proof of cause and effect, still, if I had it to do over again I would have let my son choose for himself. I was completely uninformed! But then I was only 21 at the time and had never heard of a reason to even question the decision. And the so called 'circumcision' of women is genital mutilation plain and simple. And I don't think it should be performed unless the woman requests it herself as an adult.
  • I have no idea.........that's new to me!!!! and I see no reason for all the FUSS AND HOLLERIN''s a simple procedure and can have a local anesthetic used if parents want. IL'm GLAD mine's 'cut'......looks nice too!! LOL.......... nothing uglier than an uncut dick!!!!!!!!!! ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • This fellow is against it and the nonsensical reasons for it. This stupid and potentially harmful institutionalized tradition should not be encouraged. One friend of mine has lost most of his pleasure sensation because of his not leaving enough of a certain skin.
  • maybe cause theyre the ones that carried the baby

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