• 8-4-2017 You mean like we get here at AB?
    • Linda Joy
      Good point! Lol But I was referring to the actual licensed therapist that are taking to the internet. Apparently the anonymity helps people be more open and honest about their concerns. I heard this on the radio news. I haven't looked up any articles yet I'm really behind on my notifications but eventually I may remember to post an article link here. Thank you.
    • Mircat
      There is no proof they are licensed online. You cant see the diploma.
  • Isn't there an app for that? ................. No, I think it's stupid.
  • I don't see why not. Different things work for different people.
  • This is new too me. Do people actually interact with the therapist? Most likely a new beginning to a way to reach people who cannot afford therapy. I see a lot of money in this somewhere.
    • Linda Joy
      Hey Fox!! I've missed you!
  • Its a half way fix. A person can lie through their teeth online. The therapist cant see your eyes or read your body language or hear your tone of voice. Im only for face to face in the office therapy.
    • Linda Joy
      Why would they lie? If they're looking for help why not be honest?
    • Mircat
      Because they lie while sitting in front of the therapist. Only the therapist can tell. Just because they are in therapy doesnt always mean they are being honest. You'd be surprised.
  • "Online therapy"?? Sounds dumb.
  • There's nothing to replace the face to face interactions.
  • it might be
  • Yep Some Times.
  • cant be any good ,,need humans in ones life ..even these online drs wont be the same as the real deal
  • Yes. I know that when I zoom with my psychotherapist I feel he is helping me with my issues. To me Zoom is the next best thing to being there in person.
    • Linda Joy
      And it saves time and gas.

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