• 7-25-2017 That tired old cliche again. The USA has been doing things ever since WW2 that are disgraceful. Some people still claim to be "proud to be an American" but they can't explain why any more. Here is a study of collapsing cultures. The USA has every symptom:
  • I still am! And here's just a small sample of why:
    • Anoname
      Thank you, citizen.
    • Jewels Vern
      America is also #1 in collapse. This is a short book, as books go, and you have to read the whole thing to appreciate what it is saying. The USA is only one of many countries showing symptoms of collapse, and no country ever avoided collapse after the symptoms began to show.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      'Murica !! F*ck Yeah!!
    • Linda Joy
      Thumbs up!
  • im proud to be an american

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