• Nope. I'm not happy I have to leave XP Pro for Win 7, which has at least twice the amount of M$ malware/spyware. Each successive rendition has ever more corporate nasties packed into it, so I'm stopping at Win 7. After Win 7 it's MX Linux.
  • Win 7 was great with my older PC, and I was using it up until a few months ago. Win 10 is better for my newer PC (I bought a used Dell a few months ago). The one and only problem is the LACK of Windows Media Center, which I was able to install on Win 10 following online instructions and it seems to work OK. (Note: necessary because it works with my ethernet TV receiver box.) So: which is better for you depends on the hardware that you are using. [Note: never got over the disemboweling of OS/2.]

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