• I think that's very insightful. I think we can also switch things around so our patterns change if we identify what the patterns are and what caused them.
  • Yeah keep getting paid every week.
  • yes, losing jobs, ive gotten to the point where i dont look for thenn anynnore cause i know i'll probably lose thenn anyways
    • Archie Bunker
      Way to stay positive!
  • I get married and divorced every ten years. Meaning, every ten years, I give away half of my shit.
    • Linda Joy
      Hey, next time you can give me half your stuff and we don't even have to get married! At least that way you'd save the attorney fee! haha
    • Archie Bunker
      Can't do it, Linda. My attorney is now a good friend of mine. Of course, I'm putting his kids through college.
    • Linda Joy
  • No, never. Every day is something entirely new.
    • Linda Joy
      I see what you mean!
  • No, that's a negative. Every day is something totally different.
    • Linda Joy
      Totally different! Like my boys! I could never imagine all the stuff they pulled to warn them not to do it!

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