• The marble the tomb is made from one block of marble quarried in the marble mine in Marble Colorado. They actually cut two blocks of marble encase one block was damaged or lost in transport from the quarry. The railroad from the quarry was well known for loosing its load into the Crystal River. The first block made the trip and became the Tomb. The second block remained in the bottom of the quarry for many years. The quarry had been shut down for many years. They are again mining marble there. I have no idea if the second block is still there. I doubt it. I have been to the quarry many times. The same marble was used in several monuments in Washington, DC.
  • 21 steps. Pause for 21 seconds. Repeat. The Sentinel, as they are called, has a very structured regime that is followed and all have a specific purpose. Even the way the rifle is carried has a purpose. Note that it's always carried between the crowd and the Tomb, signifying that the Sentinel is there to guard the Tomb. The Tomb has had a continuous sentry since July 1937. To me, Arlington is one of the most humbling and awe-inspiring places in the world.
    • Linda Joy
      We have a winner! I've never been to Arlington I'd really like to go! There and the Vietnam War Memorial. We have some memorials in the VA Hospital itself that are very moving and they're just really small ones. Thank you for your answer and your love for our soldiers. It touches my heart!
    • Thinker
      Did you know Arlington originally belonged to Robert E. Lee. The Union confiscated it during the War of Northern Aggression and refused to return it at the end of hostilities. Typical of those Damned Yankees!
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Thinker, that is correct. And they placed many of the burials right up to the porch steps so that Lee would never be able to use it again.
  • have no idea

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