• No. I've stopped because I'm gone most of the time & I rarely have any free time anymore. As for the snarky ones ... just tell them to "go piss up a rope, and suck on the wet end !".
    • Linda Joy
      Life is for living! Do enough of it for both of us since I can't get out, will you?
    • Ice man
      Will do. : )
  • 7-3-2017 I take the liberty to assume you meant to include "Have you stopped answering..." I have abandoned several forums because some number of members harassed me. At fully two thirds of my downvotes were for posting bible verses in one Christian subforum. At a few members led by one woman challenged all the members on various topics, and when they ganged up on me I simply stopped going there. At the questions themselves didn't seem to measure up, and then occasionally someone would respond to my comment with something like "Who asked you?" So I don't go there any more either.

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