• Battleships have guns on them that are over 66 feet long! You'd have to be a pretty good ways away not to be able to see them! And cruise ships look like a floating hotel! They have about 20 stories of berthing stacked up on top of the main deck so the guest cabins will have windows. They don't look alike to me. I was on a sub tender (my last avatar) it didn't have huge guns on the main deck like a battleship, but only had a very small portion of ship above the main deck. It had at least 7 decks below the main deck, though.
    • Anoname
      Your avatar inspired the question. The picture was tiny on the screen and I first thought it was a cruise ship.
    • Linda Joy
      I thought it might have. I have a photo of her with 4 subs pulled alongside. It came with a letter of commendation. I tried to upload that one, but this system kept flipping it on its side! Lol

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