• More TV and movie questions
    • Linda Joy
      Ask some to show me what you like and I'll see what I can do a little later
  • interesting ones
    • Linda Joy
      What do you consider interesting?
  • More "Harry Potter" and "Can I Get Pregnant" questions. They are so unrepresented. Oh, and "Jesus Christ" questions, too. So I can have a laugh.
  • the kind you ask
  • OMG! Really ?( I know this is a recycled question. And please understand this isn't directed at you, Linda, but ...) Haven't people asked every possible "Jesus" & bible question there is to ask yet ? How many answers can there be? It's gotten to the point where we've seen (no offense intended) so many religious people argue their beliefs and still disagree, that they've asked for non believers to voice opinion, then become indignant when the non- believers stand up for themselves. I may have opened a can of worms, but shouldn't we all have a voice ? There, my rant is over and now to answer your question ... FUN questions, the kind we can laugh about.
    • Rick Myres
      No problem with can of worms ya know they are good for fish food.
    • Linda Joy
      First off, no. There are plenty more religious questions that can be asked. There is a bible Jeopardy game I used at one time when someone REQUESTED I ask bible trivia questions. So obviously many people like the religious questions. That's kinda like the computer gaming questions for me. I don't play them, don't know anything about them so I SKIP THEM. And I avoid the religious questions that are obviously written by atheists with a chip on their shoulder because they only want to contend and are not open to learning. I get that way too, I admit when I'm set in my opinion. I like fun questions, too! Its been a while since you posted any. Maybe if you posted more of the fun questions others would too!
  • Fun question, no religion, no exam, and no dumb questions!
    • Linda Joy
      Show us! Not sure you can do it without breaking the last condition.
  • Lifestyle & 'the future of the world e.g AI vs Yoga, Aliens.
    • Linda Joy
      Yoga Aliens? Please post one of those! I haven't heard about this!
  • i like the kinds of questions like they have on yahoo answers where someone is asking for help solving a problem and you try to help them out
  • More work comp. questions, Trivia, Puns, more "fun 'n games' questions in general.
    • Linda Joy
      I agree! Post some.
  • Scifi, space exploration, human psychology, moral dilemma questions, human interest etc.
    • Linda Joy
      Oh yeah! I'd like to see more of those as well! Post some and maybe others will as well!

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