• My sister just returned from a trip to Russia. She said that nobody there cares in the least about our elections and they are laughing at how stupid Americans must be to think otherwise. The people and Government in Russia is much more interested in the European Union and Finland (I don't know why Finland is their true focus). She also said that Putin is one of the most popular leaders they've ever had. There is no Trump/Russia conspiracy except in the minds of CNN reporters.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      I agree with your last sentence. They're continuing along with the same tired narrative, even though Obama's old intelligence guys have said there's nothing there. But now the Dems are coming out and saying Obama knew about it and did nothing. In actuality, I think it was Clinton and her uranium sales to Russia that shows who was trying to do favors for whom.
  • What a mess. Talk about a distraction that keeps anything from getting done.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Distraction that keeps the sheeple distracted.

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