• This proved beyond doubt that Satan is a lair!
    • Linda Joy
      He proved that all the way back in Genesis 3 verse 4: And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die
    • Thinker
      This is very true. Job just gave it more push! But isn't it great the Lord God sent His Son! He turned the clock back to before Adam and eve sinned and we whom believe are new creatures in Jesus Christ! The old has passed away and the new is here for us to love and enjoy. We are no longer under God's law, Jesus abolished it when He arose from the grave. Jesus Gave us the Law of Love. If we believe on Him we are free! If not then those whom don't have Jesus have to live under a law no man can live up to.
    • Linda Joy
      The law was not abolished it was fulfilled
  • Yes! I am impressed by Job’s self-control, he never spoke bad about God. Despite the fact the Job unwittingly blamed God for his distress, he maintained his integrity to God and continued to ask for guidance and forgiveness.
  • dont sound like anyone considered it

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