• BY ALL MEANS go for the interview!!!! if you DON"T, you'll ALWAYS WONDER what might have my mom always told us when we were kids..'never be afraid to ask a question....all they can say is no"... so DO IT.......AND don't bring up the letter, but if they ask, and they might, just politely tell them what you told us in your question...... If you are sincere, they will know it.....don't try to put anything over on them!! and dress for the interview; no shirtsleeves, etc..LOOK PROFESSIONAL & YOU'LL BE TREATED LIKE matter what the job!!! wish I could be there with you to cheer you on!!!! I'm sure all of those reading your question feel the same way. best of luck..........knock'em dead!! & remember; ALWAYS BE YOURSELF AND YOU'LL NEVER GO WRONG.....CUZ THERE'S ONLY ONE YOU!!!!!!!
    • pearllederman
      i did go but havent heard back yet, dont know if its cause theyre not opening up till sept or because they didnt hire me
    • BRG
      It's only July, so perhaps they want to wait until it's closer to their opening to notify applicants if they got the job....GOOD LUCK AND KEEP US POSTED!!!!! ok?????????

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