• Are you the same Rick who used to be known as Swami Rick on the old AB? He had a mousey avatar like yours.
  • That is a Chucky Cheese image. No I was not Swami. Lol I was plain ole Rick on the old AB.
    • Frankie the Fly
      Oh. There must have been two Ricks with Chucky Cheese images. It happens. I remember the other Rick because he said he had a thing about girls called Jennifer. I was dating a girl called Jennifer at that time. We are not an item any more. I wonder if another guy on this site has a thing about girls called Lisa? Lol :)
    • Rick Myres
      Oh OK. Thanks Now you made me remember Jennifer Aniston. < sp?
  • They get re-cycled back to the top when they get a new answer, and I'm sure you've also noticed a lot of ancient questions being dragged back from the archives for filler.
  • I'm afraid I spoke/wrote too quick with my previous answer, although my answer was correct. I've (just today) come to realize that .. you're right !! Questions are reappearing without a new response, and for no other apparent reason . Some are the oldies (from the archives that were re-posted here a couple of weeks ago) being re-posted again with no new answers, and some are recent questions, that have had no new answers. Wish I could give you another thumbs up for spotting it.
  • I remember the other day when an old question and the person was no longer a member.
    • Ice man
      Yes I noticed that too, and like I said ... it had no new answers. So there is no reason for it to be re-posted again. Yet here they are ... something is wrong here. : (
    • Rick Myres
      That is right something is wrong here. Lol

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