• In the past year, one friend has lost a relative & another came very close to that. Prior to now, I was never able to say anything like that, so whatever went on in the past, things are worse now.
  • About two years ago, I read an EXCELLENT article in Playboy magazine about the town of "War," West Virginia. If you can read that article it really has some excellent insights on the "Opioid Crisis." My opinion of it is simply this, some rich and very GREEDY people who run America's pharmaceutical corporations (e.g. Lily, Merc, etc.) saw some statistics on the staggering amount of money spent on illegal drugs... These greedy creeps thought "WE want a piece of that action, and we can manipulate the U.S. government to providing us with protection - the very self same law enforcement agencies that BUST illegal drug dealers (the competiton) will PROTECT us and ensure steady profits." The pharmaceutical industry has no shame at all and they are GREEDY, they more than anyone else are responsible for the "Opioid Crisis," and they are protected completely by the U.S. law enforcement agencies who are supposed to protect the people.
  • This is a completely artificial crisis from the powers-that-be. These are PRESCRIPTION DRUGS, so for this kind of abuse you need the collusion of the doctors, big pharma, and the medical associations. Any one of them could put a stop to it. Doctors could follow their do-not-harm oath and stop over proscribing. Big pharma has all the data to know exactly where the abuse is happening by sales vs. population figures and could easily restrict or notify the authorities. The medical associations could start pulling licenses. It's really disgusting.
    • Black Mystique
      So it's a crisis in our prescription process or with the pharmaceutical? These drugs are getting produced.
  • It's not just a US issue. Just came across that Opioid crisis is in Canada as well.
  • Herion has always been a problem. The problem has just grown out of control. They need to start busting the dealers of street drugs and stop complaining. That is the source.
  • The VA cancelled my Tramadol because of this now I'm on Tylenol. I'm not pleased about that. But I know that there are a lot of other veterans with worse issues than I have that are coming off much stronger medications and there's a lot of suffering going on because of this policy change. But I think it's for the best. As you can see this is not just a hypothetical issue for me it's personal. I also have a daughter that was addicted to heroin. Now she's addicted to Suboxone but it's definitely better for her than the heroin. Still her life and her health was ruined because of this addiction. And hers had nothing to do with Pharmaceuticals. Whose fault is it? IMHO it's the fault of the person who chooses to use the drug. Personal accountability seems to be getting lost these days. But we all have choices and all our choices have consequences we need to be accountable for our own choices.
  • When I had a minor hernia operation I was prescribed 50 perkiset, One every four hours as needed. Thats way more than I or anyone would ever nee3d in this circumstance. This aparently happens quite a lot. So the medical system and it;s profit structures are the problem.

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