• I went to options and told my laptop not to do any widows updates unless I say it's OK. My machine runs fine so I don't want any updates to screw things up. I never permit the updates and I'm happier for it.
  • A percentage of them are not about improving your computer at all, they're about using the PC you payed for and own as a remote-controlled vending machine in your home. And they spy on you, for various purposes, and this slows your computer. The best thing I found was if you never use Windows Media Player (never start it a first time, ever), a lot of the spying and selling wont start up (I use VLC media player instead, it's open-source freeware. It never tells me it doesn't have the codec, has NO adware or spyware of any kind in it, and it works GREAT. Plays any and all music or video files beautifully. (And I just got another freeware program called Ashampoo, for burning ( = don't need Windows Media Player any more, for anything, ever.) ...but you probably know this stuff already. One of the things that turned me off about Windows Media Player (aside from it being designed to FORCE you to use and have to pay for microsoft brand products ONLY) (and it turns your media player interface into a resource-draining carnival scene), is that it has a sub routine called PIPELINE PROTECTION. Pipeline Protection is a name that SOUNDS like it's to protect you, but oh it is by far not! it is about copyrights, and it makes a list of everything you have, or ever watched, listened to, downloaded, or burned and regularly sends these lists to...marketers...cops. Now, one could say "oh but if you're not doing anything wrong, you shouldn't worry" but really, since when do we want actual physical policemen standing in our living rooms making notes of everything we say and do???? (PLUS the spying is also about figuring out how to SPAM YOU, and sell your info to MARKETERS.) SO I SHUT THAT DOWN. If you're already stuck with it, you could reload your OS (so long as you have Win7 or an earlier version) and just never start Media Player, and then you wont have to shut it down, because it will remain dormant. BUT if you have Windows 8 or 10, well...then all hope is lost. Maybe you should try Linux. When my Win7 will no longer work, that's where I'm going. I RESENT buying things that spy on me, and they send "updates" to collect the lists their spyware made, and improve their ability to spy, AND TO HIDE IT!!!!! Actually Windows 7 was a major step forward in hiding what they do to us. VISTA you could see the drain, but Win7 spies unnoticeably. I still use it though because I know where stuff is and can disable much of it. But Windows 10? I'm going Linux when the day comes I'm forced to use that. AS TO UNWANTED UPDATES, I have a list of the nagware updates that MS sneaks know, to make your computer nag you about upgrading to 10. If you need it, just ask. But beware, they know we know and keep making yet more new "updates" it's an ongoing chase, and Linux keeps looking better. Iron Mask is right about it being okay to never take updates. But I have been forced twice now to take some, a couple years after a fresh install, and that's when it's handy to know the number of the nagware ones to refuse ;) (What happens is it starts running bad, and theres no obvious solution, so I update, and it runs normally again, but now it's full of crap too. SO I try to avoid it. But the corporations really do keep innovating how to stick us with their nonsense. ....So I've got a file that grows and grows, keeping track of it. ........THIS EXAMPLE SHOWS SOMETHING BAD THAT HAPPENS TOO............. ............... THAT UPDATE - while MS is saying "it's needed and fine" - actually made my computer run like it was hopelessly broken, AND IT HAD INSTALLED EVEN THOUGH I HAD AUTO UPDATES OFF. (Yea, they force things on you, AND SNEAK THEM IN, AGAINST YOUR WISHES, and cause harm!!!!! So once in a while I look in the Control Panel, for "installed updates" and if I find one, knowing that I haven't installed any, well...that's how I found this. (BUT THE SITUATION IS WORSE THAN THAT, because they also install updates without them appearing as having been installed. IT REALLY SUCKS, that I cant just pay the ton of money it costs to get something nice and then enjoy having, it SPIES ON ME AND PLASTERS ME WITH ADS. *Fred Flintstone swear* ..........The Linux I intend to get is called Linux Mint. (there are quite a few types of Linux) Mint is said to be the most friendly to someone who is used to Win7 and would like to have a Linux Operating System that resembles it. (linux is of course FREE, and OPEN SOURCE (meaning there are nerds looking at all the code its made of all the time. No one COULD get away with putting ANYTHING in it we wouldnt want. ...But again you probably know most or all of this, and sorry its long and rambly. I gotta go eat, rather than edit XD
  • I started out with this Windows 7 on this computer. And updates made the speakers not work on one side or the other. And lot of them would not complete. Then I got the free upgrade and that disappeared. Now this I checked as usual for new updates then it said up to date. Then turned it off the next day I turned it on then saw an update did not complete due to computer being off. I let it go ahead and update and install. Next day I turned my computer on my computer would not shut down. Then it got to not booting up and found out after the computer shop called the hard drive had been erased. I thought this computer was fast before but it is faster now. However I feel Microsoft owes me and I best do the two hands thing to find out which fills up first. Lol

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