• Born and raised in "the south." Yet, I have no accent. Should a country twang resonate in my words I cringe. Even without an accent the voice recognition on my phone gets alot of what I say wrong. I too have wondered how it could interpret what I said the way it printed.
    • Linda Joy
      I was born in Iowa I've been told I have a Midwestern accent but I know I've picked up a southern twang. I don't mind though most people I know like it. You did just remind me of the lyrics of a Don Williams song that says I learned to talk like the man on the six o'clock news
  • Not at all,,,, born on my mom and brother were born in WVA!!! but came to Ohio soon after......... only country thing I like are those guys who wear their jeans well and show just the right stuff!!! tee hee :-D
    • Linda Joy
      There are a lot of nice packages walking around down here!
  • not country at all
  • A little bit of country and rock n roll, with a Pavaratti twist.

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